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5 minutes with… Kay Eliza


Kay Eliza, 25, has been tattooing for three years and currently works at Human Canvas Tattoo Studio in Peterborough. Having spent her entire life drawing and painting, she got her start in a small, busy shop in Norfolk. She describes herself as a hyperative, carefree hippy who loves tea and guinea pigs and believes in unicorns.

Where do you keep your ketchup: Cupboard or fridge?
The fridge is the best place to keep sauces.

What’s the last thing you Googled?
“Stuggy vines – How to make tea.” He’s hilarious.

What’s the last purchase you most regret?
Burton’s Fish ‘n’ Chips Salt & Vinegar Flavour Baked Snack Biscuits…. them and cheese and onions doughnuts. Totally wasted that £1.

What’s your highlight of the year so far?
Being offered my first tattooing guest spot in Wigan in July. SO EXCITED!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Always go with your gut. I have done ever since.

What are you scared of?
I am absolutely petrified of puke. Puke and butterflies. Puking butterflies is my worst nightmare.

Shuffle to the next song on your iPod. What is it?
Alexisonfire – Born and Raised

What do you do with your McDonald’s gherkin?
I eat those little bastards.

Who in your industry do you admire most?
My gaffa Spike Fivefootsix. He’s awesome and has helped get me to where I am today.

Check out Kay’s work and what she’s up to on Instagram – @kayelizaunicorn