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5 minutes with… Mikey Chapman from Mallory Knox


When you get hold of an awesome album and listen to it on repeat for weeks on end, you can be sure that, eventually, you’ll tire of it. It’ll sit in your music library limbo, constantly skipped but never actually deleted because you think, “One day, we’ll¬†have that magic together again.”

That is, unless you’re talking about Mallory Knox’s 2013 debut album Signals. With its awesome, alt-rock sound, catchy riffs and sweet, sweet vocal melodies, this is an album that absolutely doesn’t get old.

So imagine our delight when the Cambridge rockers returned with second studio album Asymmetry, which has recently been nominated for Best Album at this year’s upcoming Kerrang! Awards. From “Ghost In The Mirror” to “Dare You,” this album reminds us that air-punching, foot-stomping rock music is still very much alive and kicking.

At the front of the five-piece stands Mikey Chapman, lead vocalist and our second-favourite redhead after Paramore’s Hayley Williams. We grabbed five minutes with him to talk Pokemon and Oli Sykes…

Where do you keep your sauce: Cupboard or fridge?

Coffee shop order?
Soy hot chocolate.

Last thing you Googled?
Cute puppies. Don’t judge me – I was trying to cheer someone up, okay?

Purchase you most regret?
I hate to say it but my Xbox one ūüôĀ

Highlight of the year so far?
Travelling America on the world tour was a definite highlight! Cold, though…

Best piece of advice ever received?
“Kill ’em with kindness…”

What are you scared of?
Heights. F**k, I hate heights.

Shuffle to the next song on your iPod, what is it?
Off With Their Heads –¬†There Will Be Fireworks¬†

What do you do with your McDonalds gherkin?
It never makes it into the burger in the first place. No way!

Who, in your industry, do you admire most?
Oli Sykes. That guy knows his s**t.

Worst gift ever received?
I like all my presents. The value is in the gesture.

Possession you kept from the 90s?
My Pokemon cards. Hell yeah!

If you could only have one app on your phone, what would it be?
WhatsApp. That thing is my life sometimes. That’s sad haha.¬†

What’s your signature dish?
Fajitas, potato wedges and halloumi. Yum!