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Let’s taco ’bout emojis


What are your most commonly used emojis? The winky face? The pizza slice? The poop?

Ours are all of the above…though not necessarily in that combo.

But we always felt like there was something missing. Our emoji keyboards seemed sad and incomplete.


We got word of a new burrito emoji!

Unicode, the organisation which mainly holds the rights for developing emojis, unveiled 37 new characters for consideration as part of their 8.0 update. Alongside a burrito, there’s a taco, badminton racket, religious-themed emoji and, naturally, a unicorn head.

Not all platforms would use these emojis but, if Unicode are giving them the go-ahead, it’s a pretty good sign of what we can expect in the future.

And when that day comes, sending out a mass text about our Mexican Magical Mystery Party will be simples.