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Mad Max: Fury Road is what cinema is all about

Mad Max Tom Hardy

This week, we checked out Mad Max: Fury Road, George Miller’s latest instalment in the Mad Max franchise, with Tom Hardy taking over from Mel Gibson in the title role.

And we’ll be honest; as awesome as the trailer is, we settled into our cinema seats fully expecting nothing more than a two-hour long car chase in an endless desert.

And it turns out we were half right.

Yes, the film is essentially one long cat-and-mouse but Tom and Jerry have emerged from the apocalypse as batshit mutants with really massive guns. Mad Max: Fury Road is full of some of the most mind-blowing stunts, incredible motors and pitch-perfect performances you’re likely to ever see all in one place.

There’s a guy playing a flame-throwing guitar while bodies explode against the sky, for crying out loud…

We don’t want to overhype it (the critics are doing that for us) but did we enjoy it more than The Avengers: Age of Ultron? Oh hells yeah. It’s completely different and crazier than anything you’ll have ever seen before and, what’s more, it’s got a surprising amount of depth to it. You don’t leave the cinema feeling a bit empty inside because all you’ve been shown is some pretty fireworks and CGI. Mad Max: Fury Road is raw, full of rage and ready and willing to just rip your face off.  And you’ll bloody love it.